Monday, March 30

Weekend Fiber Stash Enchancement

I was originally planning a post showing off the goodies I bought on a yarn shopping trip with my Mom, but then some other things happened.

So I decided to write about how the universe is against me, how 2009 is not my year, and how I really just need a break already.

But then I came to my senses and realized that no one wants to read a "woe-is-me" diatribe, and I really don't like sharing too much personal stuff here anyway. What I do need is to realize all of the happy things I have going for me. (To start... well... I'm still alive, my family is fine, my husband and I both have jobs. That should be enough, right? Plus, I have a little extra money to buy fiber.)

Back to my original plan: yarn shopping weekend! My mom was on spring break last week so I took Friday off work so we could have a day together.

We started off Friday morning with a quick trip to Ikea in Bolingbrook for breakfast and some fabric for her. (Plus a throw rug and small kitchen container for me. It's not like I can leave that place empty-handed...)

We drove to Esther's Place in Big Rock IL, had a nice tea and chat with the owners, and drooled over the fibers. I came away with a number of different types of wool to try, all from local Illinois farms.

Maggie trying to steal fiber

Directly after this photo was taken Maggie the cat attempted to roll the ball away and I got hissed at while attempting to rescue it.

March Fiber Stash Enhancement

Clockwise from top right:
Border Leicester "Spring Forest"
Romney "Winterfresh"
Cormo combed top
Montadale "Petunias and Pansies"

Next was Knitche in Downers Grove. We actually lost track of time at Esther's Place and got to the Knitche about 10 minutes before they closed. I didn't know what to buy, but didn't want to revert to my old standby of sock yarn. (I have been feeling a little guilty about my sock yarn stash lately.) So, I picked out some lace yarn for a Hanami Stole.

Misti Alpace laceweight
Misti Alpaca

I'm very excited about this. Recently I've got it in my head that lace would make a perfect summer knitting project. True, if a bit ambitious.

I've somehow managed to amass a two month backlog of listing finished projects here on my blog. Since I use the "Finished 'XX" category to keep track of my projects for the year I am going to post them all individually in the coming weeks. Just a friendly warning. =)

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