Sunday, July 1

Finished Project: Felted Flowers

Well, I supposed these are an almost finished project.

Felted daffodil Felted Calla Lily Felted Sunflower
Daffodil, Calla Lily, Sunflower

They are finally dry and I used some invisible nylon sewing thread to snug things up and help the petals fall in the right direction (especially on the daffodil). I am having trouble jamming the wire through the stem to hold them up, however, and need to wait for my hubby to have time to help.

I like how these turned out, but now feel the need to make more felted flowers to fill a vase!

You can find the kits I used at Pick Up Sticks.


Jean said...

Very pretty! I especially like the cala lily.

AJ said...

They look great. The calla lily is my favorite!