Saturday, July 7

What next?

Since I finished my mini-Clapotis, I have been without a project to work on. (What? No, you are supposed to ignore the pile of unfinished objects next to my chair.) While contemplating things I could start, I stumbled upon the Yarn Harlot's post about joining Mystery Stole 3.

I had seen references to this project around the knit blog world for a week or so but didn't think it was for me. For some reason that night I became very excited at the idea and had to join in. I got in the day before the yahoo group closed. (I think this is why I joined - I've always been a great procrastinator and get some weird satisfaction from getting in just under the wire. Like, HA - you didn't think I would make it but it did!)

Nevermind that I am usually not much of a "joiner". Nevermind that I have never completed a large scale lace project. Nevermind that I don't think I'd ever even wear a stole or the fact that I am already two weeks behind everyone else. I am so totally excited to start.

I ordered some Shadow lace yarn from Knitpicks two nights ago and have printed out the clues (charts) that had been released already.

Now to find something to occupy myself with until my yarn arrives...

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Jean said...

I joined MS3 just under the wire, too! I don't have the yarn, beads or time for this but it just suddenly got irresistable.