Monday, June 25


My mini-clapotis is slowly but surely growing. I enjoy dropping the stitches (ha - I'm easily amused) so I knit at least one section each time I sit down to work on it to get to a dropped stitch.

Clapotis in progress

I've probably knit at least 15 more rows since this was taken.

Oh, and the flowers were felted over the weekend but are still not dry yet. (It's been very humid here. I actually think the official word is "muggy". My hair is one big frizzball.) Hopefully they will dry sometime this week so I can finish them up. I came across this pattern for felted roses at the Berroco site - love them! I might have to make some of these as well!

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ShelbyD said...

I'm easily amused, too, at least by dropping stitches on the clapotis. I'm planning to make a second one this year - your version looks great so far!