Friday, July 27

Kind of a slow week.

I have done only small amounts of knitting this week, in between reading HP7 and fighting the dreaded summer cold. Blech.

(Oh, and I haven’t finished HP yet so shhh! No spoilers!)

I finally finished clue 1 on the mystery stole, and am looking forward to started clue 2 tonight. Now that I am going to be working across a fixed number of stitches (i.e. the increases are finished), I am going to place markers every 10 stitches and block off the chart in groups of 10 so it will be easier to find my place at a glance and (hopefully) catch mistakes sooner. I made some non-dangle stitch markers for the occasion:


I know I am going to jinx myself be saying this, but so far I have caught any mistakes before the end of the row so I haven't had to tink back more than a few dozen stitches. I mainly attribute this to not knitting while distracted and luck. Lots of luck.

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AJ said...

It looks lovely so far. Very pretty indeed.