Friday, April 27

Completed and Started

I finished my Diamonique top earlier this week, but haven’t had a sunny day yet to photograph it. Hopefully I will be able to this weekend. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous but I have the unfortunate duty of going in to work at 7am both days to help inventory the entire warehouse. So totally not my job. I miss my weekend already!

I started a new project on a whim – a gift for my Mom for Mother’s Day. And let me just say that if I happen to finish it in time, I will probably shatter every one of my previous “time to complete project” records.

And Mom? If you happen to be reading this, stop now OK? Because with my luck this would be the one time you come and look at my blog!

Her gift is going to be a Bob sweater from Knitty. Actually, it was going to be a lace scarf that I didn’t finish in time for Christmas but there is no way I can finish it in time for Mother’s Day either. (Because I haven’t even touched it since I decided it wasn’t going to happen in December.) I’m shooting for her birthday in July, but it might make it all the way back around to next Christmas.

Anyway, I am making Bob from some of the new (un-discontinued) Cotton-Ease by Lion Brand yarn and I love it. Very soft and almost spongy-springy. And the new colors are great too; I am using Lime but it was a difficult decision. This is three nights and one ball of yarn worth of progress:

bob sweater

I am actually optimistic that I might finish in time.


Libby said...

Sometimes the right yarn (and CE always fits that bill) coupled with the right project can break all land speed records for knitting. Or so I've heard, though I have no personal experience to back it up. Bummer about the weekend of working... Good luck on your mother's day project, you have a few weeks so I think you will make it.

Jean said...

Oh, man, you totally just reminded me I should get knitting for mother's day....or her b-day in June. She's specifically asked for a summer shawl so waiting til Christmas just won't fly, unfortunately. That Bob is really cute. I think you can do it!

Asa said...

Wow, that's really good progress in such little time. You'll fly through this project.