Friday, April 20


I've finally finished knitting the body of Diamonique. Here she is blocking on my living room floor:

Diamonique top

Sorry about the poor lighting. By the time I realized this location was not going to be good for photographs it was already pinned to the carpet(!). I am very excited about finishing this top, although I am a little concerned that it is going to be too large since I blocked it pretty aggressively to show off the lace. We'll see what happens once it is dry and I knit on the neck ribbing. (As a side note, the color in the photo is much more accurate than the pale yellow in my last post. It's a very rich summer-y yellow.)

Thanks for all of the nice comments and messages I recieved on my unfortunate back injury. I actually went to a doctor and am feeling much better. But tell me, how could you not feel better when taking steroids and vicodin? Joking aside, looks like it was just nerve inflammation and not something damaged so I should be all better very soon.

I need to spend tomorrow (or the whole weekend by the looks of things...) cleaning around the apartment. There is stuff out of place everywhere since I was in too much pain earlier this week to care where I was dropping things. I need to be firm with myself: no knitting, internet surfing, or going outside to play until things are clean.

So basically this means someone needs to come over and hide my needles, mouse, and car keys!


Asa said...

Simply beautiful! I really like the pattern.

Jean said...

That is going to be so pretty! And yellow is uber chic this season.