Sunday, May 6


Still no photo of the completed Diamonique. Maybe next week it will be sunny and I won't be so lazy all at the same time.

Bob is progressing quickly, much to my surprise. I have managed to get in at least few rows a day. I actually fell asleep working on it one night after inventory. Too bad I haven’t learned how to knit in my sleep!

Bob sweater

I am almost finished with the waist shaping and am making a few changes. I added one extra inch to the body before starting the shaping decreases and am planning on adding another few rows between the increases and the sleeve shaping, depending on how it fits me once I get to that point. Mom is almost as tall as I am (5’8” to my 5’10”) and a little extra length in the body of a shirt never hurt either one of us.

I’ve decided that I am going to need to make a Bob for myself when this one is complete. I think the Charcoal color would be nice and semi-dressy for work.

Besides Bob, I spent the rest of my weekend trying to sort through the mountains of paper that accumulate and seemingly multiply every day. Between junk mail, things printed off the computer, and lists I've made on every topic imaginable we are just buried over here. And I can't stand it. I think need a centralized location to keep it all instead of saving every scrap of paper I might need to look at again. Because even when I start with good intentions, almost everything ends up in the "keep" pile. I really should just chuck the whole mess into the garbage without looking through any of it...

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Asa said...

Great progress. Yes, I'd like to learn how to knit in your sleep too.