Wednesday, April 4

Not much knitting.

After two of the worst flights of my life (due mostly to Chicago weather - they don't call it the windy city for nothin'!) am I back home but not back into my routine yet. I like travelling but love returning home even more. I'm very much a creature of habit. Anyway, I've been staying late at work to catch up on things and haven't felt much like knitting in the evenings.

Maybe it is spring fever, but I have had a major urge to clean out closets and cabinets in our apartment. In my head, this includes my knitting and crafting things but when I pull it all out to decide what I can get rid of, I always can come up with reasons to keep everything. Hopefully this time will be different and I will have a few things to sell and open up space for new projects. We don't have a lot of room and I think I need to be more selective with what I fill it up with. I've decided that in the future, I am only going to buy yarn/supplies with a specific project in mind. We'll see how that goes! I think after I do some cleaning I will feel more settled and more like knitting again.

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