Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter

easter eggs

I decided yesterday that I needed some easter eggs to display on the table. I wanted to end up with bold, bright colors. Most of them turned out nice (the deepest colored eggs sat in the dye for almost a half hour). I even used some of the "shrink wrappers" from the kit since they were not too cutesy for once. Also notice the missing egg, which I dropped on the counter after boiling and then ate for lunch. I usually not much of an egg person, but for some reason I had a strong urge to eat a few more as I was coloring them. Is that strange?

egg dye

Looking at all of the leftover dye, I was kicking myself for not having thought to pick up a ball or two of white wool. Especially for the blue, which was a gorgeous color (at least on the eggs!).

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Asa said...

Fabulous colours - too bad about the lack of white wool.