Monday, April 16

No Sudden Movements

I have spent most of the last three days flat on my back. I have never had a back injury before this and I was not prepared for the extreme pain which accompanied every move I made. How did I manage to hurt my back? Well, it is kind of embarrasing. I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to laugh, OK? I was lying on my stomach on the living room floor, propped up on my elbows and reading. And I sneezed. (Hey! I say no laughing...) Really though, I feel like an idiot. But it is finally starting to loosen up a little. Now that I can sit up all of the way for a reasonable length of time, I thought I would post a progress photo of my Diamonique top.

Diamonique top

It needs some serious blocking, but I am finally nearing the homestretch. I just need to finish the right half of the front and add the neck ribbing. Maybe I can finish it by the weekend? Not that it is going to be warm enough here to wear it yet, but I have been very anxious to start something new!

Oh, and you know when you say you would like a day just to lie around and do nothing? It gets old faster than you can ever imagine. It took less than a half hour this morning before I started feeling like I was wasting a perfectly good day. I was actually wishing I could get up and do some laundry. Or even go to work!


Jean said...

Diamonique is looking fabulous! Feel better!

Asa said...

Am I allowed to say gesundheit, or is it too late? (tee hee). Sorry to hear about your back, but I can see you put the time to good use - beautiful top.