Wednesday, April 23

Well... I'm not moving my new site anytime toooo soon. I'm writing the code myself and having some serious issues with the cascading style sheets. I thought everything was cool, until I saw the page open on a moniter with a higher resolution. yikes. So, check back here a little while longer! As for knitting content: I haven't worked on the socks for a little while, but I did complete a half of a set of armwarmers (eg: 1 armwarmer) and am about halfway through the other. I am using Lion Brand's Jiffy in a nice purply color. I'm basically using the Voodoo pattern from Knitty, but was feeling sort of brainless when I started and worked the first one flat and seamed it instead of using dpns. (Had to rip out my first seam and do it again... and I still don't like it!) I am doing the second one flat also; I figure it'll at least give me practice sewing up seams. Here's a pic of the first one, half done:

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