Monday, April 14

So the verdict is in on dying combo-content yarns: it'll work just fine, except that that non-dyable parts (i.e. acrylic) will stay white (or their orignal color) giving the final product a heathery/tweedy look. There is a great article on dying yarn with kool-aid in the fall knitty, and a sock pattern out of dyed yarn in the winter knitty.

I didn't start on the sock last night - I spent too much time on the computer and had to go to bed or else I would have fallen asleep in class today. I might start them tonight, but today I have been thinking about a gift I would like to make for someone. (can't go into any more details online than that...) I probably need to start that soon, so I'll be sure to finish in time.

Right now I am playing with a really cool computer-repair tool kit my Dad got me from Tiger Direct. It has a whole bunch of screw driver heads in different shapes. Some of them are pretty funky looking - I want to know what they open!

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