Wednesday, April 30

Well, I haven't gotten any knitting done lately...too much real life going on. (yuck) Tonight I had some time while watching TV (Manor House on PBS) so I started winding my Kool-Aid dyed yarn into balls so I can start a project. Actually winding them is a project, since the yarn got kind of tangly as I was dying/rinsing/drying/rinsing/rinsing. (and the orange stills smells like oranges.) I am trying to wind them into center pull balls without the help of any device, mechanical or otherwise. There are good instructions on how to do that here:Once Upon A Pattern - How to Make a Pull Skein The first two came out just fine, but when I finished the third ball I couldn't pull the center string out for anything. I'm not sure right now if it is worth undoing to try again, or if I'll just unroll the thing from the outside as I work. I have however decided I really want a ball winder!

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