Monday, April 7

I had a great time on my mini-vacation to St. Louis. I found the best yarn store I have ever been in! It's called the Weaving Dept., and they have the second story of a historic house full of yarn and goodies. I bought myself a lot of yarn that I have never worked with before. The largest chunk is self-patterning sock yarn (2 color patterns of Trekking XXL, and Fortissima Socka), some Fixation, my first ever Noro Kureyon, Reynolds Utopia (the softest acrylic I've ever felt), and some Plymouth Yarns Eros. I know I am going to be making the 4 hour drive to StL again just to go to that store - when I got home and looking at everything... hmmm... was this all I got? Ha. Some things I saw that I really really want in the future are Noro Silk Garden (a few skeins for a scarf for me), some stretchy sock yarn besides fixation, such as Regia Stretch or Trampoline, Plymouth baby alpaca, for a scarf/shawl (they had the best free pattern w/ purchase, I'm kicking myself for not buying some), super chunky yarn I saw for a hat (don't know the brand), Regia 6-ply for a crazy stripe sweater.... sheeeesshh... ok.. how about a few of everything there??? The one thing they didn't have which I also REALLY want but can't seem to find ANYWHERE is Opal Royal sock yarn, in blues with silvery glitter thread. so pretty!

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