Wednesday, April 16

I am making progress on the fixation dresser scarf socks:

I'm halfway done with the top of the first sock. I think I knit slower with this yarn, mostly since I stop every row and play with the stretchiness of the fabric : )
Here is some yarn I received yesterday from KnitPicks (one of my fav-or-ite online stores):

It is Cascade Yarns Magnum in "Denim". It gets 1.5-2 stitchs per inch - I'm going to make the big fluffy hat (not the real name) from Hip To Knit. The green thing in the picture is a colored pencil, so you can get an idea of exactly how thick this yarn is. The skein is HUGE. Its like picking up and holding a fluffy cat. (not my cat thought... she's a chunk.) I can't wait to start on it... but I'm not going to let myself until I finish some other projects. Besides, I won't need a big bulky winter hat again for a while right?

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