Monday, April 28

I finished another dishcloth last night. It is done in the Chinese Waves patten from Maggie's Rags. It was a lot of fun , especially since the base is garter stitch, and you don't need a border to keep it from curling up. I really like the way that looks - I'm going to find/make more dishcloth patterns like it. Also, today I finished the top of one dresser scarf sock! It looks a little big, but I am only of by .5 stitches in my gauge, and it is cotton, so it will shrink. I am just concerned now that I will not have enough yarn to finish, but it should be ok right? I am going to try to finish the foot of the sock this week, but need to find my complete set of size 5 dpns, since the top was worked flat on two.

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