Thursday, April 25

Finished in 2013, Part II: Toast

The second little stash busting project of the year was this pair of Toast arm warmers.    When I chose this project I had very specific requirements:  no complicated shaping or patterning to keep track of, no tiny needles, no dpns, and stashbust! yarn.   It provided three out of four; I used dpns but luckily they wasn’t as fiddly as I remembered them being.

toast armwarmers
It is very difficult to take a photo of your own forearm. Especially in poor lighting.  
See them here on Ravelry.

I know these arm warmers are sort of funny things.  Like, why not just go put on a long sleeve shirt?   Sometimes just my arms are a little chilly.  Or I’m lazy.  Whatever.   But these have the great ability to cover part of my hands while typing but not causing the weird palm sweating thing I get with fingerless gloves or wrist warmers with thumbs.   Love them!

This yarn (Berroco Uxbridge Tweed) had been in my stash even longer than the Barefoot, something like 10 or 11 years.  It is some of the first “real” yarn I ever purchased.    It had been discontinued and since I loved the texture, I bought up all I could find. Most was used to make hats for gifts years ago.   I saved two balls of blue and one purple one for myself to use once I found the right pattern.    I decided this would be perfect. Something I could wear and enjoy frequently but not be subjected to a lot of wear and tear.    They were easy and provided a quick sense of accomplishment.  A total win!

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