Tuesday, April 16

Knits from 2012

This post is going to be very short, considering the title.   I started and finished a total of two whole knitting projects last year.  I also did a little (very little) spinning.

I did finish some sewing projects, and did a ton of work in Photoshop for Project Life. (I have gone from totally not getting the point of digital scrapbooking to being completely addicted.)   Most of my accomplishments are in digital format – but I have printed a few photo books.    I have done a lot of art journal type canvases in PSE; it’s very cathartic for me – without a huge mess to clean up at the end!  I may share some here eventually.

Anyway, back to the knitting.   I made myself a super easy, color changing scarf using Knit Picks Chroma:
Rainbow Scarf

Most recently I made my Dad a thin, soft, ribbed hat for his birthday in October.   I was worried about his temporarily bald head being chilly.  Luckily his new chemo doesn’t affect hair follicles and it is growing back.   He still likes the hat, though. :)   The yarn is Miss Babs Yummy Sock.

Dad's hat

The spinning was accomplished during the “Tour de Fleece” last summer.   I honestly don’t remember any details of these.  The last photo in the collage is the fiber I wanted to spin to reach my goal.  Ha!
TdF 2012

I have also been eyeing my wheel again lately.   It feels so good to feel better.   Like my synapses are firing again, and the fog is lifting.    I can’t wait for spring to finally arrive.

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