Wednesday, April 24

Finished in 2013, Part I: The Hitchhiker Scarf

It's only April and I am set to surpass the amount of projects finished in 2012.

I’m totally hooked again.

First,  the Hitchhiker scarf:
Hitchhiker Scarf

I  plan on taking a better photo if the sun ever comes out.
See the details here on Ravelry.

I used a skein of Mountain Colors Barefoot sock yarn that I have been hoarding for at least 8 years. 

Did I mention that 2013 is the year of stashbusting?  I have more than enough yarn to keep my busy.
Since I wanted to use up every bit of yarn possible, I am a little disappointed that my scarf doesn’t have 42 points – and therefore not technically a "hitchhiker scarf" .  Still, it is soft and warm and fun.  And finished. Yay!

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