Monday, November 9

Organization: a small step forward

Since we moved last April and I wound up with an entire room for myself, I've been trying to find the best way to organize my craft supplies.

It's been difficult because while I would love to have things in the perfect place, labeled, and in attractive containers, I'm paralyzed by my fear of putting something in the 'wrong' place. And what if I put it in the wrong place, and because it's in the wrong place I never find the 'right' place?

I know. Crazy.

So I have been living with things still in boxes. Not very inspiring. After watching hours of craft room tours on YouTube and browsing IKEA and office supply stores for ideas, I present my first bit of organization:

organization step 1

I put each of my knitting wips in it's own bag and tied a label on listing what the project is. It's a small step forward. Eventually I do want to sew matching project bags and find a better storage container for them. I look forward to the day when I can photograph my area to show you!

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