Sunday, November 1


Last Sunday was one of those days where I had nothing to do, but the weather was nice and I felt like I should be out enjoying it. It was one of the few non-rainy days last week, and I was afraid it was going to be one of the last nice days of the season. (Although today is looking decent so far.)

My mom had found a little ad in the paper about an "Alpaca Extravaganza!" at my county fairgrounds. (Why the ad was in her paper when she lives in a different county and I didn't even hear about it... I'm not sure.) So we stopped by.

I just love their sweet little faces. And so soft!

so soft
another alpaca

There were some alpacas for sale there. Steve is lucky they didn't fit into the backseat of my car. Of course I had to get a little fiber:

alpaca fiber

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