Tuesday, November 3

Key Chain Sock Blocker

I bought this adorable little sock blocker keychain from The Loopy Ewe a few months ago, and just got around to knitting a little sock for it.

keychain sock

(I realize that I forgot to put anything in for scale - it's about 2.5 inches tall)

The yarn for this little sock was leftover from yarn I spun for my mom. (I still need to take some decent photos of her yarn.) I had some thin singles left on one of the bobbins and chain plyed it just to clear the bobbin for the Neapolitan yarn I wrote about yesterday. It turned out very soft and squishy, and looked a whole lot like sock yarn. I was very excited since while I've seen a lot of gorgeous handspun sock yarn, I didn't think I'd be capable of it for a long time. Maybe I will give it a try sooner.

I have been home sick from work for the last two afternoons. (I've gone in for the mornings since some work just had to get done.) I hate missing work; I haven't had to take sick time in over a year because I don't usually get sick. I am feeling pretty bad and am just hoping I don't have the pig flu. Ugh.

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