Tuesday, August 4

It might be an addiction.

So a few weeks ago, Steve and I stopped by IKEA on the way home from my parent's house to pick up a shelf I wanted to add to my wire basket yarn storage tower.

This is the ($7) shelf:


And installed:



But. Despite my best intentions to walk out of that damn store with only one thing FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE, we came home with all this as well.


As an aside, if you are ever at IKEA do check out their knife selection. They are some of the best knives I have ever used and they are ridiculously inexpensive. For instance, above you can see a set of 6 steak knifes we picked up for $2.99. I have a $6 chef knife that is 10x better than my $35 Pampered Chef model. I am slowly growing a full collection of them. (See here, on their website.)

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