Thursday, July 30

Finished: Fruit Protector

Also possibly called an Apple Cozy.

Crochet Fruit Wrap
Adorable Apple Cozy by Theresa Grant

I know some people have issues with things like this, since it just seems to pointless. While I am not against making pointless items (see: knit t.p.) this little guy actually serves a purpose for me.

I take a nectarine, peach, or pear to work almost every single day. I love these fruits when they are super ripe, but not quite mushy. Consider that I also typically carry a Tupperware or corning ware container with the main part of my lunch and you might realize what my problem usually is. Bruised fruit with split skin and usually some pear or peach gooped all over the inside of my lunch bag. Blech.

I used to wrap my fruit up in a napkin or paper towel but that felt too wasteful so I switched to a knit dishcloth. Which is really only a half step away from something fruit shaped with a keep-the-fruit-inside button.

The attentive among you may notice that my fruit protector is crocheted. I wanted a quick project and crochet has always been much much faster for me than knitting. (This took around 25 min.) You know, only one hook to hold, only one loose loop to worry about. For the record, my mom taught me to crochet around 1987, and I taught myself how to knit in 2002.

I have a feeling there are going to be a few more crochet projects coming. I'm not sure when I got bit by the bug since I haven't actually crocheted in almost a decade, but I have found a few patterns I'd like to try.

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