Monday, August 24

You may need sunglasses before viewing this yarn.

I forgot to mention this on my to do list: dye sock yarn.

I need yellow sock yarn for a knit along I am participating in starting September 1st, but I didn't have any in my sock yarn stash or the desire to spend money on new yarn. (Isn't that strange? But I have become inundated with yarn this summer and It's all a little overwhelming. I'll write about that sometime in the future.)

I did have a ball of Opal Uni-Color in Natural. Perfect! I picked up a vial of Wilton Icing color in Lemon Yellow at Michaels for $1.70 and was off.

I've only even done a little Kool-Aid dying experimentation in 2003. It worked well, aside from the face that I never figured out what to do with the neon variegated, fruit scented yarn I created.

This time is I just used my Crock-pot, wound the yarn in to a hank and dunked it in. (Unfortunately, no photos of the process since I did this at night and it is ridiculously dark in my kitchen.) I was hoping to get more of a kettle dyed, semi-solid color, but there are only a few subtle variations. I probably used too much dye for the yarn, even thought I only put in about a 1/4 teaspoon. Oh well, it's bright at least! I almost wish I would have gone with the Golden Yellow or Buttercup Yellow dyes. I figure if the finished socks really are too bright, I can try to overdye them with a warmer yellow after they are knit.

I Need Yellow Sock Yarn

And now, I have to resist the call of a new hobby. Because even dying one skein of yarn a solid color has me itching to try more. And, my hubby bought me the book Spin Dye Stitch: How to Create and Use Your Own Yarns for my birthday. I know I've said it before, but he's such an enabler.

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