Friday, August 21

Looking Ahead.

So I'm in the midst of a finishing frenzy, and taking a little time out from new projects to assess what I want to accomplish in the remainder of 2009. This includes the fate of a number of project that I wrote indecisively about here in my In-Progress Roundup. Whatever uncertainty I held while writing that list is gone. It I don’t like it, it’s getting frogged. If I don’t want to work on it, I’m considering that a symptom of not liking it and frogging.

It’s very freeing.

(The following list is mostly for my own reference, but you can play along at home.)

To be finished (soon):
Sedum Cardigan - 1 sleeve cuff, button bands, and collar remaining.
Mom's yarn - two bobbins left to fill, then ply

To be started/continued:
Steve’s Henry scarf – I really really love the pattern. Who cares if it's a little fiddly?
Doughnut – decided to change pattern to fit my needs

To be frogged:
Chevron scarf – going to be turned into a tweed/woven stitch, still alternating the two colors, possibly lengthwise
Turtleneck Tube Vest - going to be turned into a different, u-neck vest

This weekend I am going to work on matching some (most?) of my yarn up with projects and putting them in a loose to-be-knit timeline. I'm also going to write up the ideas I have for my growing spinning fiber collection.

Ahhhhh, organization. You feel so good.

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Libby said...

You and I must be feeling the same thing. I'm trying to really hard to finish up some long neglected projects and assign projects to the yarn I have on hand. I'm looking forward to starting some fresh projects and relieving some of the guilt I feel over my modest yarn stash.

Best of luck on your projects!