Thursday, August 6

Happy Belated Birthday to Me (With Prizes!)

For the last few years, I've done a little contest/giveaway for my birthday on August 1st. I think it's fun and I always seem to get a good response to I guess some of you think it's fun too!

(For the record, I turned 29 - for the first time, not the "29 again" as many people assumed when they inquired my age.)

Unfortunately I ended up sick as a dog for my birthday, with a cold that morphed into a sinus infection. I don't get sick very often and to get a cold in the summer, on my birthday was almost insulting. I still can't smell or taste anything but at least the floor isn't spinning anymore.

I'd still like to do a little giveaway sometime soon. I am playing a little catch-up with work and real life from being out of it for a few days, so let's plan on Friday night (Aug 6th) for the contest to be posted. I thought about doing something a little different, like a virtual scavenger hunt, but laziness might set it and knock it down to 'post a comment'.

Check back soon!

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