Thursday, July 9

Lace Knitting.

I just remembered that earlier this year (March?) I thought that this should be the "Summer of Lace". Mostly because I had a number of lace projects I was contemplating and had recently purchased some Misti Alpaca laceweight yarn.

I started knitting this Swallowtail shawl on a whim a few weeks ago. Maybe there is still time to finish a lace project of two? Not sure if that still counts as 'Summer', though.

Swallowtail in progress

The yarn is Wisdom Yarns Poem sock weight, which is a loosely spun single with long color changes. I actually started a pair of socks with it before really noticing how loosely spun it really was and decided it would be better off as something else.

For whatever reason, complicated knitting goes much faster for me than plain. Maybe it holds my interest more? All I know is that I have an almost finished sweater, almost a pair of socks, and countless other half finished projects that I have no desire to work on right now.

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