Tuesday, July 21

Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair

Fiber Fair

Last Friday, I was there.

The weather was chilly and a little rainy, but luckily only part of the fair was outside and we hit that part first before it rained. Hubby joined me, since we both had the day off work and he truly enjoys looking at all of the fiber-y goodness. (He is such an enabler. I bought twice as much as I would have without him. Plus, he often exclaimed "You could do that!" or "You should try that!". How could I say no?)

My budget was a little (lot) larger than it usually is at these sort of events since I had just received the first paycheck with my raise added in. This is what I bought:

MFFAF haul

No yarn at all. I wanted a bunch of new types of fiber to try out on my wheel. Included, clockwise from top, are a "mill mystery fiber" mix (a great deal and very soft), a silk hankie, wool/bamboo blend, wool/seacell blend, Wenslydale mix wool, and some FLB-BLB wool (??) in a color I couldn't pass up.

The only other comment I have on the Fair has to do with about half the vendors we dealt with. It doesn't seem to have gotten through to them yet that my husband and I are their target audience. Ignoring us for 'older' customers, hurrying me along to complete the sale before I have a chance to see everything in your booth, looking concerned when Steve touches something, running over when I walked to the other half of the booth while carrying fiber -- it was painfully obvious a few vendors thought we were out of place. Of course, the fair was at a community college. Maybe some of them thought we randomly wandered away from class to shoplift from them or waste their time? (Should I be flattered, since I'm almost 30?)

The other half of the vendors we dealt with were wonderful. One really sticks out in my mind at this point: River's Edge Weaving Studio. I even went back out in the rain and made a second purchase from them. The silk hankie and wool/seacell blend above are from them.

All in all, it was a fun day. I'll probably go back next year, if only because it is less than an hour away from home and a good place to pet and buy fiber.

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