Tuesday, June 30

Moving Along.

June has just been a whirlwind for me. Unfortunately this is what happens when summer is the busiest time at work. I have been knitting a little in the evenings, but I don't have a photo of my current project yet so it will get it's own post later. In the meantime, here is a collection of disjointed thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head.

Knit Donut:
I have utterly failed at adapting a knit doughnut pattern into "Homer's Donut". This is due entirely to my lack of planning and/or patience. I'm frustrated at myself because I know it isn't that difficult to adapt a stupid pattern for a stupid stuffed donut, but I haven't taken the time to do it properly. The D'oh!nut is hidden away for now, to be finished (and awesome!) at a later date.

Expense and Frustration:
One day last week I dealt with a large unexpected car repair (my key was stuck in the ignition for the 6th time - that's a story in itself), large vet bill with the added bonus of worrying about a cat under anesthesia, and a flat tire on my hubby's car on a 110°F day with a anesthesia drunk-cat in his carrier, lug nuts that would not come off, and the gas light on (and therefore questionable air-conditioner running time). And almost $1000 dropped in one day. There goes my new couch.

The weather has been spotty here this 'summer'. There have been a few hot days (see above) but today it is in the low 60's again. There was a seemingly unending period of rain this spring, but now the forecasted rain never shows up. This has not stopped me from fixing up the garden at our new home. In the past I have had a dozen or so containers on our balcony and I am happy to graduate to plants in the ground. And they are growing - despite the weather and somewhat poor soil we uncovered. There is a post coming about my garden soon.

Michael Jackson:
I'm almost sorry to mention his name again; the media is so thoroughly saturated with coverage of the same nothing over and over. I was never a huge fan, but I always liked his music (had them on my iPod - not that I would have admitted it before now) and thought he was a very talented performer. I think his life is a testament to what can happen when you are deeply unhappy with yourself and surrounded by enablers.

Although I am not sad or grieving by any stretch of the imagination, his death has stuck with me over the last few days. I think because it reflects the place where my brain has been stuck for a few months now. Everyone and everything I know will eventually come to an end. Obvious, I know, but also not a good place to be stuck. It's a good thing I don't have enablers!

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