Monday, June 8

Movie Knitting

I have a sock in progress that I keep under the passenger seat of my car to solve a case of Extreme Boredom. (No, this does not include stoplights, trains, traffic, or anywhere else I should be paying at least a little attention. My brain doesn't shift gears that quickly.) It's been under there at least eight months, probably longer.

Last weekend I found the perfect spot to work on it - at a drive-in.

drive-in knitting

The double feature we saw was Night at the Museum 2 (which was pretty funny, but then I don't have the most sophisticated taste in movies) and Star Trek (which we had already seen once at the IMAX). It was a fun night.

Several people who have seen the car sock have asked me about the short circular needle. It is a 9" 0US Hiya Hiya. I like using it but it takes some getting used to. And by that I mean that it takes some getting used to every time I pick it up. The first dozen or so stitches feel awkward until I find the right grip, which is different then I typically hold needles.

I think this awkwardness is worth the benefits of using one short needle. I can just knit around and around without paying much attention or stopping to rearrange needles. I haven't reached the heel yet, but I am planning on trying a short row heel with the instep stitches sitting on the cord. Theoretically, I should be able to knit the entire sock on that one needle up to the toe decreases.

I'll post again on how it is working out once I reach that point.

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