Monday, June 1

In-Progress Roundup

I've gone on a yarn shopping binge recently (more on that to come) but I really want to finish up some lingering projects before I cast on anything new. Besides a sweater that I have been working on consistently for a week or so, my other projects in progress have been lingering for a while now. I think it is time for some decisions. Opinions or tough love welcome.
(Note: links go to Ravelry.)

1) Sedum Sweater
Sedum cardigan in progress

This has been my current go-to project for the past week. I am hoping to finish it soon - three cheers for bulky yarn!

2) Chevron Scarf
Chevron Scarf in progress

I've wanted to make this scarf for years. I've had the yarn for years. My desire to knit it only increased after seeing all of the colorful and beautiful finished scarves on Ravelry. I've held off starting it since I thought it would be a fun knit and didn't want the "fun" of it to be over. But. It isn't fun to work on. The colors are pooling even though I am using two different colorways, I have to use size 4 needles to get a fabric I like, and it is basically stockinette stitch so isn't it going to roll? I just don't know what to do. I know it probably sounds like a no-brainer that I need to frog this thing but I've imagined it knit for so long I'm having a hard time letting go of that dream. I suppose at the very least I need to rip out and restart one of the skeins a few yards in so the pooling stops.

3) Anastasia Socks
afterthough heel stitches

This is a project that looks good on paper. The yarn (Misti International Hand Paint Sock) is amazing soft and the colors are wonderful; the pattern is well written and attractive. I have 1.25 socks knit but I've stalled because it isn't much fun to work on. I know it sounds ridiculous but the yarn is almost too soft. It slips right thought my fingers and I get a cramp in my palm trying to keep even tension. I will finish them; I've done too much not too. Besides, I do love them and look forward to wearing them. I've almost cast on a few other pairs of socks but am forcing myself to finish these first or else they may never be done.

4) Perfect Periwinkle Turtleneck Tube Vest
knit vest

I really want to like this. (Do I sound like a broken record?) My mom bought me the yarn (Cascade Sierra) specifically for this project. I think I shortened the turtleneck too much and I don't like how my increases look. So again, probably should frog the whole thing and start over. The biggest problem is I had to go down to a US5 needle to get gauge (and a nice fabric) and the cotton content of the yarn kills my hands if I work on it for any length of time. But, wouldn't it look cute with a white blouse and jeans?

5) Husband Scarf. No photo or link, since it hasn't progressed that far yet. I bought some Berroco Inca Gold to make a dressy scarf to go with his new black leather coat last winter. I had planned on use the Henry pattern from Knitty but couldn't be bothered to do the math to account for my thicker yarn. Besides, it looks a little fiddly to do with black yarn. He hasn't found any stitch pattern in my books that he likes as much as the Henry scarf. We are at an impasse.

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