Thursday, May 21

Finished: Storm Cloud Shawlette

Hey, would you look at that - knitting! It feels good to be knitting again, and especially good to finish a project. This is just a simple little pattern (which I actually made smaller than written) but it was just want I needed to get my knit mojo flowing again.

I also used up a ball of stash yarn which I must confess felt just as good as finishing a project.

Storm Cloud Shawlette Storm Cloud Shawlette

Pattern: Storm Cloud Shawlette (Ruffle-less Version) by Hanna Breetz On Ravelry here.
Yarn: Elsepeth Lavold Silky Wool, 1 skein
Needles: size 6US Clover Bamboo circs
Started/Finished: May 5, 2009/May 9, 2009

I probably should have used bigger needles for a larger, lacier shawl but I'm happy enough with how it turned out. I knit most of this during the first few nights in our new house when I was distracted by all of the "stuff" - things in boxes, things that needed to be done, things I hadn't gotten used to yet. You can see my distraction in the photo below.

Storm Cloud unblocked

The bottom edge of the shawl is supposed to be straight and mine is more scalloped. I think this was caused by my not really keeping track of the number of plain rows between the increase rows. Whatever. It works, and looks, fine. I think I'll just call it a design element.

This is definitely something I'd knit again. I think it would make a great gift. (When knit correctly, of course.)

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Amy said...

I love the term "design element"! I've had a few of those myself but was never able to put it any better than "yeah, I meant do that". Your way of saying it is much better.