Friday, February 27

Here, not knitting.

I’ve haven’t gone this long without posting in a while. Real Live has been taking over lately and besides that, I seem to have lost my talent for knitting.

cast on a Chevron Scarf, but didn’t like how the colors were pooling or the needles I chose,
cast on an Urchin hat, but wasn’t paying enough attention and ended up with a misshapen blob,
cast on Urchin again with hand spun yarn and ran out,*
worked on my toe-up Anastasia sock but forgot to add the lace pattern to the back of the sock after the heel.

It feels like there was something else in there as well, but I can't remember what it was. The only semi-worthwhile knitting I have done is on a Wool-Ease scarf, but even that is only a row or two a night.

*I guess this will be my first attempt at recreating yarn on a spinning wheel. Problem is I was using my very first wheel yarn to make the hat and have improved just enough since then to be unsure of how to get the random blobs and underspun places it contained. It seems to be an acquired skill once you past the “did it on accident” phase.

Real Live for the month of February has revolved around real estate and finding a new place to live. Anyone who has ever done this can attest to what an exhausting process it is. I’ve hardly been home at night after work at all, and have eaten more fast food in the past few weeks than the last five years of my life.

We found the Perfect Place for us last week, and thought everything was done, when the deal fell through because the current owner was an ass. Now the trouble is nothing else is measuring up to that place. Sigh. I am very very close to giving up for now and staying where we are, but dammit! I want a garage to park in!

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