Monday, February 9

Spinning: Color Experimentation

As I've mentioned, I took a spinning class a few years ago and during the class I used a ball of roving that had four colors carded next to each other, so there was very little mixing of colors at the joins.

Sherbert Roving

During the class, I decided to divide the colors and spin the yarn so when it was plied each ply would be a different color than the one it was next to. I finished two skeins of it in class and had the ball of roving photographed above leftover. This sat in my closet until last week when I was playing with my new wheel and decided to see what else I could do with it. I came up with two other ideas to test, separating the colors as before but plying them so the colors matched up and spinning all of the colors together randomly. I knit up little swatches of each, and I feel that this is a good starting point for future experiments in spinning with color. (Or, at least a good starting point to know what my finished yarn is going to look like.)

~Skein 1, completed in class, was spun by dividing the colors in a length of roving and spinning each one individually in order and then repeating. (I don't remember exactly, but think it was pink, green, yellow, orange.) I had two bobbins, and they were plied together so the colors hit randomly.

Color Experiment skein 1
Skein 1
Color Experiment yarn 1
Color Experiment swatch 1
knitted swatch

~Skein 2 was spun by dividing the colors of the entire length of roving I was going to use and then spinning all of the pink first, then all of the green, etc. I had one bobbin and Navajo plied it to make sure the colors matched up with each other.

Color Experiment skein 2
Skein 2
Color Experiment yarn 2
Color Experiment swatch 2
knitted swatch

~Skein 3 was spun without separating the colors. I pulled off a length of roving and drafted it without caring which colors were being pulled in. This was also Navajo plied, but only because I only had one bobbin.

Color Experiment skein 3
Skein 3
Color Experiment yarn 3
Color Experiment swatch 3
knitted swatch

I think it is very interesting to see the effects of these different techniques. I have a few more ideas that I want to try if I ever find roving prepped the same way again. But at least I have the beginnings of an idea on how to spin striping or Trekking XXL style yarn.

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