Thursday, December 4

The Saga Continues...

I’m tired of talking about it (thinking about, dealing with it) and I’m sure you’re tired of reading about it, but here’s one more Computer Saga update.

I have my laptop back in my possession. This makes me very very happy. BUT. It doesn’t work. Nope.

I am fuming mad at Geek Squad. I know I am being lied to, but have no way to prove it.

(please note: The thoughts that follow are my opinion of what happened, and have not been proven yet.)

Basically, it seems they accidentally repaired my laptop without contacting me with an estimate because someone thought it was still under warranty. It was an expensive mistake on their part (the motherboard). Instead of contacting me and telling me what was done, a new service order number was created and parts of my laptop that I know were functioning just fine when I brought it in were replaced with ones that aren’t working, and that I can tell are obviously not my original ones (the ac adaptor and battery). I was quoted a high repair cost for these two things that I declined. I’m assuming this was an attempt to recoup some of the money lost in the mistaken warranty repair.

But how do I prove that those are not my ac adapter and battery? Because these are a mess and all beat up, while the rest of my computer is in nearly perfect condition?

At this point all I really want is an apology and an admission that they did something wrong. (I’m not holding my breath.)

And because I am so tired of depressing posts without photos, here are a few that were already uploaded into Flickr.

lily, macro
Cat Face, side view
Between a rock and a log.

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