Thursday, December 18

Some things to Share

We are supposed to get hit with a big winter storm tonight and tomorrow. They've pushed back the estimated storm ETA about four hours - hopefully, I should be home from work before it starts to snow/ice. A number of schools around my area are already announcing that they are going to be closed tomorrow. I can only hope for such luck for myself.

There is knitting, baking, shopping, and wrapping going on here, but nothing exciting enough to talk about in detail. Instead, here are a few photos of what I've been up to.

Fake Isle Hat in progress

Fake Isle hat

Note: When picking out yarn for this project, do not choose two skeins which make you exclaim "These match so well!". The fair isle effect is unsurprisingly lost when the matching colors meet up.

Christmas Cactus going to flower?
Christmas Cactus

Flowering at Christmas?! Outrageous. The last time it flowered was April 2006. Of course, it is only three of the stalks.

new hair cut/color
new hair cut/color

Although, seeing the correct color might depend more on your monitor settings...

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