Saturday, December 27

Merry Christmas!

I'm stopping in at home over night and turned my computer on for a few minutes to catch up on the internet. (A few minutes is not enough. I gave up.) I hope everyone who celebrates had a happy and safe Christmas, and the rest of you had a happy and safe day.

Merry Christmas

The weather has been a little crazy here; we've had snow, ice, rain, fog, and thunderstorms all within the last week. It is over 50F at 9am right now, but the high for tomorrow is only 29F. Luckily it hasn't stopped us from going where we wanted to for the holidays.

I've got one more weekend of visiting relatives (mine and my husband's) and then I've got another week off work that I am so excited about. No plans yet, I'm hoping to spend a chunk of the time knitting, sewing, cleaning, and organizing. I want to start '09 in a good place, mentally speaking, so I need to de-clutter my desk and craft areas as well as my computer hard drive. (Does anyone else feel stress when their hard drive gets "messy"? I do - the same kind of stress a pile of dirty dishes creates!)

Here are a few photos from my holiday, including the only knit gift I made. More details on that in the next few days.

Kitty Pi cat bed

felted cat bed

cookie gift box
cookie gift boxes


crazy thick fog, for over 60mi

Christmas sock in progress

socks I started Christmas Eve

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