Wednesday, February 27

Finished: (Much smaller) Chunky Cabled Hat

This is much better. I can actually wear it hat now!

fat hat re-do!

The hat was re-knit (see previous post for "before" photo) to make it wearable by a human. This is the "Fat Hat" from Hip to Knit. I used Cascade Magnum which I am not sure is still in production which you can find on the Cascade website. I bought the yarn from Knit Picks back when they used to sell other people's yarn instead of just their private label. They used to have a special called "Try it, You'll Like it" where one color of a new yarn would be very deeply discounted. I think now I only have one more type (group? pile? what do you call multiple balls of the same yarn?) of yarn in my stash purchased from the original Knit Picks. (Not that I mind the new KP of course!)

It was finished just in time too, since we got another 5 inches of snow Monday and are predicted to have another 1-2 tomorrow night.

This winter has literally brought more snow than I have seen at once in my whole life. We have received over 50 inches so far according to one newspaper report. Some of has melted in a rainstorm and a few sunny days, but most of the banks and drifts are still higher than my car. Not to mention iced over and caked in car exhaust and other debris. Not very pretty. I only thought to take one photo and that was with my cellphone through my windshield so the quality is not great. This is in the parking lot at work where the snow had been plowed up into a pile. Compare the pile to the stop sign!

snow at clc

I am sooo ready for spring.

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