Wednesday, February 6

Ugh, I'm ready for spring.

Here in northern Illinois we are getting pounded with snow and ice from a major storm plus the ever popular "lake effect" bonus snow. We've had about a foot so far. Earlier predictions were for up to 16 inches; just shoot me now. Also, most of the road crews here are out of salt so there is nothing to put down on the roads. The only good part is that since I work at an educational institution I got to go home early today when they closed at noon. And I was off last Friday because of the weather. I almost want it to keep snowing so that maybe I will be home tomorrow. Think of all the knitting I can get done!

It is very difficult to get a photo that shows the amount of snow. I took this from our second floor balcony. You can see where the snow plow guys could not figure out where to put all of the snow and just kind of gave up.


Um, I might not be able to go to work tomorrow if I can't get my car out!

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