Thursday, February 21


While braving the bitter cold on my way in to work from the parking lot yesterday I was pondering the fact that I do not own any winter hats. I was wearing my 180-earmuff things so my ears were warm, but my head was cold! How does a knitter not own any wool hats?

When I got home I dug through the winter items drawers in the coat closet and came across a few of the hats I have knitted in the past. I guess I do own some. Now let me just say that I am not usually one to knit swatches, especially for something as small as a hat. Which is why none of the hats I found are wearable by a normal-headed human such as myself. Here is the worst offender, knit about five years ago:

gotta redo this hat!

Does anything more need to be said? Except maybe why I cast off, why I sewed it up, why I attached the tassle, why it was still in the coat closet?

I have already frogged it and am knitting it up again in a much more reasonable size.

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Ann said...

Wonder if it could have felted to a decent size... :)