Monday, March 3


Do you listen to knitting podcasts? I have for a few years now. I thought I'd finally post some links to a few of my current favorites.

(There was a rambling back story here, but I lost it when I accidentally navigated away from Wordpress and don't feel like writing it again. Consider yourself lucky!)

I have quirky likes and dislikes when it comes to knitting podcasts. All of my favorites seem to follow the formula of one person with a pleasant speaking voice and without a lot of sound effects or music. Unfortunately a few of them are no longer in production but I think it is totally worth checking them out on iTunes or their websites to download past episodes.

BritKnitCast - one of my very favorites, sadly no longer around
Secret Knitting - also no longer around, but a very clever concept
Lixie Knits It - replacing BritKnitCast as my new fav
Math4Knitters - back after a long hiatus
Purl Diving - both relaxing and thought-provoking
Craftlit - knitting and audiobooks; what could be better?
Changelings Knit and Stitch - great recurring segments

These are the casts currently on my iPod. I'm sure I'm leaving out some others I like, so I'll add to the list as I remember them.

I'm always on the lookout for new casts, so link to your favorite in the comments!

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Lynn Tolliver said...

You should try she does knitting as well as scrapbooking, sewing and photography podcasts. I only knit and I love her shows.