Saturday, September 29

Quick knitting and improvisation

Hooray - I finished the knitting on my Bluebell Boatneck sweater. Now I just need to settle myself down and sew the stupid seams.

I needed a small, quick, "satisfying" project before I jumped into my next sweater or pair of socks. I decided to whip up a couple of Calorimetrys for my Mom and I with the yarn purchased at Loopy Yarn about a month ago.

Calorimetrys in progress

These are fun and easy to knit. I grabbed a ball of yarn and needles to start the second one during my lunchbreak on Thursday, but neglected to take the stitch markers that make the short rows much more brainless. After some quick thinking on settled on this:

calorimetry in progress

That is a square of paper towel folded into quarters and pierced with the needle. It worked amazingly well, and need need replacing from wear like I thought it might. So there is an idea for you - when stuck without a stitch marker, try a small square of paper!

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tikkunknitter said...

Improvisation is what it's all about, it seems to me. I've used many paper clips, twist ties, earrings, and even rusted washers as stitch markers in a pinch. I also try to mix things up with the materials I use - sometimes with lamé, twine, wire, paper, plastic bags, and even rubber bands. There are no limits to how one can make knitting "happen"!