Wednesday, September 19

Still Sleeves

The Bluebell Boatneck pattern calls for the sleeves to be knit flat and then seamed, even though the body of the sweater is knit in the round from the top down. I was thisclose to working the sleeves in the round as well, since I am a hasty seam-sewer at best, but decided that she must have had a good reason to design them flat.

bluebell boatneck sweater in progress 6

I wish I would have worked them in the round. Now that it is nearing completion, I’d be much happier if I could just cast off, weave in the ends and be done.

Oh well. Live and learn.

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Karen in MN said...

I love this sweater! I love the yarn, the color, the tweediness, the pattern, the length, the sleeves, everything. I just think it is fabulous! Wonderful job. Way to go you!