Tuesday, September 4

Stash Enhancement

Last week, my hubby and I spent the day in downtown Chicago playing tourist. Besides eating at one of my favorite breakfast restaurants, Yolk, and spending too much money at Lush in Watertower Place, we also went to Loopy Yarns for the first time.

Loopy is located in the south loop on State Street. It's a cute little shop stuffed full with all the yarn you can imagine. Honestly, I now it's worth the hour train ride downtown just to eat at Yolk and then go around the corner to this shop!

I totally splurged on yarn - there was so much to choose from!

Loopy Yarn stash

Clockwise from the top I've got some yummy mmmMalabrigo for a scarf, Tofutsies for socks, and yarn for two Calorimetrys. As a side note, I wouldn't have purchased this much except that my husband encourages my yarn habit. He is very cute in yarn stores, touching everything and asking questions about what it can be used for, what it is made of, and how much do you need for project X? He apparently tries hard to remember all of the knitting things I ramble on about, and surprised me last night when I was musing out loud about the sleeves of my Bluebell Boatneck sweater being knit back and forth while the body is done in the round. His response? "Maybe you need the seams to help stabilize them or so the whole sweater doesn't have to twist in your lap as you knit around". Awwwww... can you believe it?

I had a few gift certificates about to expire at Amazon (one from pre-ordering HP7 and one from my electric company for taking a survey - random, I know) so I picked out a couple new knitting books.

new books!

I have been looking forward to owning more knitting books that are more "instructiony" and less "patterny".

All of this (plus Stitches Midwest a few weeks ago) has caused my "to do" list to grow exponentially. I really need to get cracking on my projects in progress to keep things under control!


Libby said...

Great buys! Can't wait to see all of your upcoming knits.

I love The Knitter's Almanac. I never would have bought a knitting book like it during the early years of my knitting career but have loved the few things that I have knit from this and other EZ books.

AJ said...

I have that exact Tofutsies yarn! It's really nice to work with!