Wednesday, October 3

Finished: Calorimetrys (Calorimetries?)

I finished both of these Calorimetrys this week:


This first one is Mom's and she is already in possession of it. (Unfortunately I did not get a model shot.) The yarn is Austermann Bambou Soft Color, in color #104.

Here is mine:


This yarn is Rowan Cashsoft Aran, in color #014 "Thunder". I am very pleased with both of them, and think they will come in very handy this winter. I typically go hatless in the cold (even though I own plenty!) simply because my curly/frizzy/short hair does not survive hat-removal well.

Oh and it took one ball of each yarn to make a calorimetry. For the Cashsoft Aran, that really means one entire ball. Don't tell anyone but I had to use some of the cast-on yarn tail to finish binding off!

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