Monday, May 21


After finishing Bob I caught a case of my typical post-project euphoria. You know, that feeling of I can knit anything I want. I finished something and now the possibilities are endless. Never mind that I already have enough going to keep me occupied; this is post-project freedom.

In a fit of confidence I decided to start Shedir, from the Knitty Breast Cancer Awareness special issue. I have looked at it many times but the pattern and chart seemed so complicated that I always put it away for later.

Shedir in progress

Well let me just say that I was wrong. It is a very well written pattern and no problem to follow once you are in the middle of it. The cable repeats are easy to memorize without even trying (and that's coming from a person who has a hard time remembering multiplication tables!). I think this is the most fun pattern I have knit in a long time.

I am using a ball of Rowan Calmer purchased at Stitches Midwest last year. According to the pattern and a few first-hand accounts I have heard it is possible to squeak out the hat with one ball. Just to be sure, I only did 7 rows of the initial ribbing instead of 9. And now I am going to try really hard not to pay attention to how much yarn is left since it will only make me nervous!

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Asa said...

Very nice! I like the colour yarn you chose. Who's the hat for?