Sunday, May 13

Bob made it.

Today is the first day I have turned my computer on since last week Saturday. Busy, busy - there was a time when I couldn't even imagine going one day without it! I just barely finished Bob in time for Mother's Day. I would've had time to spare except the second sleeve had to be knit twice since it ended up much larger than the first. That's what I get for knitting in the car without the pattern! Even though Bob is for my Mom, I just had to try it on:

Bob from Knitty
Kindly ignore my spotty mirror.

Here he is all boxed up and ready to go:

Bob from Knitty

We spent the day at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. It was a beautiful weather; warm in the sun and just a little cool in the shade. Of course hundreds of people had the same idea as us so many of the gardens were very crowded. Now I can't wait to go back when more plants are in bloom later this summer.

Botanic Gardens
in the Japanese Garden, which is my favorite.

Botanic Gardens
a rogue tulip.


Vicki said...

Bob turned out beautiful!!

Sounds like you had a great day!

Asa said...

Love the top - hope your mom liked it.

Adrienne said...

Bob looks wonderful! This is on my to do list!