Friday, May 25

Weekend Vacation

My Shedir hat is growing quickly, despite the fact I haven't had much time to work on it the last few nights. I am still finding the pattern a lot of fun to knit and (knock on wood!) I haven't had to rip out any incorrect stitches yet.

Shedir hat in progress

Even though this is a chemo cap pattern, I am actually making it for myself since I love it so much. There is an editors note in the pattern that reads "this hat should fit those with or without hair. It's very stretchy." So it should fit over my curls which are frizzed out from the humidity today!

I am spending the long holiday weekend (Memorial Day in the US) in Dallas, TX for my cousin's wedding. I've got my fingers crossed for her that it doesn't rain! Is it wrong that I spent more time agonzing over which knitting project to bring than which clothes to pack? (I ended up with a sock I started about a month ago. Nice and easy to pick up and work on in spare minutes.)


Asa said...

Wow, that is fast!

Libby said...

I love it. I've been scared of that hat in the past, but maybe you will inspire me to give it a try.